Audio mastering : the art, the science and the emotion
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    Mixing & Mastering Studio GVA

    Geneva Based, Switzerland
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Audio mastering : the art, the science and the emotion

Geneva Based Studio
Caduceus Mastering is a professional mastering room located in the Geneva countryside. The Studio A is acoustically treated by MB Akustik in Germany and it's equiped with some of the finest high end hardware and software for mastering purposes. Studio B is a small recording room for vocals and individual instruments.
High Quality Services
CADUCEUS MASTERING offers High Quality Services using high end digital and analog gear, converters, loud speakers, professional acoustics, and experienced audio consultation. We provide mastering for stereo (CD, Vinyl, Itunes, TV) and in addition do mixing, vinyl restoration and editing. We are also dedicated to the transmission and preservation of knowledge concerning audio arts and will be organizing mastering, mixing and producing workshops.
Reliable, …
With the decrease in production budgets and the respective increase in home studios, professional mastering has become an absolute, crucial necessity and not a luxury relegated to major labels with hefty post production budgets. Sonic comparisons of mastered tracks to unmastered tracks are alarming and it is no wonder that discreet producers insist on professional mastering of both albums and demos to afford their project a competitive edge.
The popular notion, that mastering is primarily about optimizing levels, has unfortunately drawn many amateurs into the mastering arena. The outcome? Over compressed, over processed tracks with borderline distortion.
CADUCEUS MASTERING: Mixing and Mastering Studios
Caduceus Mastering is a professional mastering room located in the Geneva countryside. The Studio A is acoustically treated by MB Akustik in Germany and it's equiped with some of the finest high end hardware and software for mastering purposes.
PROTOOS HD3 playback system

Carillon PC

Antelope Isochrone

Mastering Console:
Crookwood M1 Mastering, Monitoring, Crookwood

Antelope Eclipse 384Khz, Antelope Orion, Antelope Zen, Crookwood.

GS3a, Chris Pelonis, KS Digital

Summing Mixer

Roger Schult UF-1 Mastering M/S EQ, Chandler Curve Bender, Maselec MEA-2, Dangerous Music BAX EQ

Dynamics :
Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor, RockRuepel Comp.two, Also Dynax2, Dangerous Compressor, Anamod ATS-1, Maselec MPL-2 HF Limiter, Maselec MLA-4 Multiband Comp/Expand.

TC S6000 MK2,
Reverbs & Fx
TC S6000, Lexicon PCM81, H3000, Yamaha REV7, Roland RE-501

Playback:Tascam DAT
Our Services
From Mastering, Stem Mastering, Restoration, MFIT to Highres Audio.
  • Mastering

    We provide high quality mastering services for for all formats including CD-audio (red book), MP3, AAC, DVD-audio, CD-ROM, Vinyl LP, and 45. We are also giving you the possibility to cut the vinyl with our partners.

  • Stem Mastering

    Stem mastering introduces another step in the process, which is actually more a part of mixing than mastering. Mixing up to 8 "level-correct" stereo groups such as lead vocals, background vocals, drums, bass, and other instruments, called stems. The individual groups should be exported or rendered with the levels they have within the mix so that the mastering engineer only needs to put all levels at 0dB to have "exactly" the same mix that the mix engineer has. The point of departure for the group tracks should therefore be 100% identical. In order to avoid errors, a stereo mixdown can be delivered for reasons of comparison. For this task we use the API THE BOX summing mixer.

  • Restoration

    We specialize in the restoration, preservation and updating of your archival material. We can work from most older materials and, using Renovator, Sonic NoNoise, Izotope RX3 Advanced. We can usually improve intelligibility and reveal details in even the most challenging archival recordings. We can re-issue old songs from Vinyls and clean up program stored on 33, 45 and 78 RPM discs.

  • Podcast/Dj mixes mastering

    Podcast and dj mixes ready to be played with high quality processing in MP3, AAC or WAV formats

  • MFIT

    With Apple's Mastered for iTunes initiative, a new generation of AAC encoding that accept hi-resolution master files has been released.
    This means we can audition exactly what will happen when the file is converted to the iTunes Plus AAC format, and adjust accordingly. The main reasons for audible distortion in a codec are inter-sample and sample peaks. These will occur at lower peak levels than they do with the high-res input files. This is part of the reason why encodes, when ripped off a CD may not sound as good. MFIT provides a set of recommendations for mastering engineers to follow when preparing master files for submission to the iTunes Store. The recommended file delivery resolution to Apple for encoding is at production sample rate (do not up-sample) and production bit-depth of at least 24-bit. Apple will accept only files from certified sources for encoding. iTunes+ files are no longer copy-restricted using DRM.

  • Highres Audio

    our studio is fully equipped to deliver for HIGHRES AUDIO format. More infos soon...

Order & Prices
How to order?

Please contact us for an individual quote
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Fill the form below for CD/Itunes or Vinyl
Send your tracks with Wetransfer or Gobbler to lad/at/cslab.ch
We are offering as well a free processing sample.

how to prepare your songs for mastering:
- Format files: WAV or AIFF interleaved or split mono is ok. We accept also CD-AUDIO if it's the only support you have but please try not to have copies but original. Always bring the master!
- Sample rate and bit depth: in general (depending on your converters, mics etc) the higher the SR the better the sound will be but try to use the SR of your session. Do not upsample your files after you bounced or printed your mix. 24bit is just fine.
- Do not normalize the track
- Do not dither
- Start and End point. Allow enough time for edits. Please leave at least 500 ms at the start of the recording. This applies in particular to tracks which have been mixed on analog consoles. (Required preview running time (predict) / fingerprints for de-noising). Even dynamic processing requires some predict time to process properly without any artifacts.
- Let the mastering engineer do the fades (apart if there are some special ones)
- Slight peak limiting is permitted, but please do NOT apply finalizers, maximizers or similar!
- Some infos concerning ISRC codes

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